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Subtracting Numbers Within 1000

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Subtract the ones:

Work for 834-159...  Subtracting the ones

Next, we do the tens stripe...  Remember that the 3 is crossed out, so ignore it!  We can't do 2-5, so we'll need to borrow from the hundreds stripe!

Work for 834-159...  Take a chunk of hundred off the 8... Put it with the 2 in the hundreds stripe... 10+2=12

Now, we can subtract the tens stripe... and the hundreds stripe:

Work for 834-159... Subtracting the tens Work for 834-159...  Subtracting the hundreds

So, 834-159=675

Don't worry if your head is swimming on these problems...  That's normal!  Hey, there's a LOT going on here to get used to.  But, you WILL be able to get it.  The more you do, the easier they'll get!  I've got some good practice problems for you on the next page!