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Subtracting Numbers Within 100 With Regrouping

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Here's how we're going to do it:

Work for 92-35...  We're going to split the 9 into an 8 and a 1...  Since 9=8+1

Now, remember, that's really 90 = 80 + 10!

Now, here's the key to this whole trick:

A 1 in the tens stripe is 10...
and that's the same as 10 ones!

< It's just like swapping a $10 bill for ten $1 bills! >

Work for 92-35

Now, add the 10 and the 2 in the ones stripe:

Work for 92-35

Now, we'll finish it off quick! 

Subtract the ones...  Then, subtract the tens...

Work for 92-35...  Subtracting the ones Work for 92-35...  Subtracting the tens

So, 92-35=57

Go to the next page for another one...  It's going to feel a LOT easier the second time!