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Equivalent Fractions, Part 1

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Check out these circles:
circle           circle

1/2 is red


3/6 is red

The first one says that 1/2 is red and the second one says that 3/6 is red... But, the same amount is red on both circles!

So, 1/2 must be the same amount as 3/6.

1/2 = 3/6

These are called equivalent fractions. (Since they are equal amounts.)

Look at another one:

bar  1/3 is green


 3/9 is green

The same amount is green on both so

1/3 = 3/9

You'll see more of this in the Equivalent Fractions Part 2 lesson, but here's a preview:

If you multiply the numerator and denominator of 1/3 by 3, you get 3/9.

Cool, huh?

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