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Using a Numberline to Add

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This is what you need after you've done the set stuff and get what's going on with addition...  If you still need to "count up" or count on your fingers to get the answer, then this is how to fix that!

First, you need to get a yardstick.  (If you don't have one, most hardware stores will give you one for free.)

Next, you need to get a game piece, coin or rock -- just something you can use to mark your place on the yardstick.

Check it out:

Let's do 9+5

Start by putting your game piece on the 9...

Yardstick with a game piece on the 9

Now, move up 5 places (since it's +5)...  Just like you'd do on a board game if you rolled a 5 on the dice:

Yardstick with the game piece moving from the 9 up 5 places to the 14

We land on the 14...  

So, 9+5=14