The Fix It Page for Games

All of's games are working correctly. So if the game isn't working for you, there's a problem on your side that can probably be fixed.

If you don't see the word "Coolmath" bouncing around in the blue rectangle below, you probably need to download and install (or update) a program called Flash. (You may need to click the play button in the rectangle.) You can get the latest version here: Download Adobe Flash

Note: You can also try using Chrome, an internet browser that has Flash built in. Download Chrome

1) If you can see the bouncing "Coolmath" above but you can't get a game to start, click your mouse in the game area. This will let the game know that you're trying to play it.

2) Some of our newer games might require a newer version of Flash, so you might need to update Flash to play those games. Once you update Flash, close and reopen your browser. You can get the latest version here: Download Adobe Flash

3) Try using a different browser, to see if the games play correctly in that one. Good browsers to try are Google Chrome, Safari (if you're on a Mac), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

4) If you've downloaded and installed Flash and things still aren't working, then you need to adjust your browser settings. If you are using Internet Explorer, and your browser warns you that it's blocked some "active content" on Coolmath, go ahead and follow the directions to allow it. If you didn't get that choice,

- Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the browser...

- Select Internet Options in the menu that appears...

- Click on the Advanced tab...

- Scroll down and look for "active content" settings and make sure they are set to "allow"...

- Try to play the game again. If it still doesn't work, restart your computer and everything should be fine.

5) If the above didn't help, then it's probably an issue with your antivirus program blocking the content. See what you can do to change those settings. Visit your antivirus program's website to see if they sometimes block Flash content, and figure out how to change the settings if they do.